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Serving Allegheny and Washington Counties Since 2002

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Serving Allegheny and Washington Counties Since 2002
Family Owned and Operated
No Subcontracting Here

Common Problem Areas on Your Roofing

While your home’s roofing is a sturdy structure, it has several areas that are more vulnerable to getting worn down by elemental damage. Identifying these problem areas is important as addressing concerns arising from these areas will help you save money on repair and replacement. Knox’s Construction discusses the usual problem areas on your roofing.  


The flashings are the thin strips on your roof that cover the interruptions in your roofing and are responsible for preventing water intrusion. Though made of sturdy material, their constant exposure to water means they get worn out faster than the other parts of your roof.

If your home has experienced a storm recently, we make it a point to address your roof flashings as part of our comprehensive roof repair services. The interruptions in your roofing are very weak to water damage, so it’s important that your flashings are in good condition.

The Roofline

The fascia boards or roofline are another vulnerable spot in your roofing since it’s the closest to the gutters. Whenever an overflow occurs, the roofline sustains elemental damage from the gutter water. This isn’t the only risk though; when blockage occurs, the extra weight on the gutters puts an unnecessary strain on the roofline, pulling it down and physically damaging it.

The Soffit

The soffit is the soft “underbelly” of your roofing that is suspended over the actual structure. Since it lacks a covering, it’s very vulnerable and can easily be damaged, especially through moisture. We suggest you have us inspect the soffit since leaving it in disrepair can cause ventilation and insulation problems in your home.


When you work with our roofing company, we’ll make sure to prioritize the problem areas on your roofing.

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