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Serving Allegheny and Washington Counties Since 2002

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Serving Allegheny and Washington Counties Since 2002
Family Owned and Operated
No Subcontracting Here

Debunking Stubborn Myths About Attic Ventilation

Attic ventilation is one of the biggest contributors to roof longevity, yet it’s usually misunderstood. Actually, a poorly ventilated attic is a common reason new roofing systems fail prematurely. To help your roof last for as long as possible with proper attic ventilation, Knox’s Construction debunks the popular misconceptions about it:


Any Vent Will Do

Having roof vents doesn’t guarantee the adequacy of ventilation. Roof designs vary, which is why any means for ventilation won’t necessarily suffice to optimize the airflow beneath your roof. In fact, many vents hardly do any good. Only an experienced roofing company can determine the attic-ventilation system your home needs.

More Ventilation Is Better

Inadequate or no ventilation is definitely bad, but too much of it can be just as detrimental to your home. Every roof vent creates a hole, and too many holes will increase your roof’s susceptibility to leakage. Generally, you need a square foot of attic ventilation for every 300 square feet of ceiling space.

Roof Vents Are Not for Colder Climates

Adequate attic ventilation helps reduce heating costs, which is a not concern in warmer climates. Having a well-ventilated attic is more advantageous in colder climates, especially those that get snow regularly. A continuous flow of air is necessary to expel moist indoor air and breathe in cool, dry air, which in turn prevents condensation.

Attic Ventilation Leaks Warm Air During Winter

High energy bills during winter months is an insulation problem, not a ventilation issue. Your attic insulation is no longer doing its job efficiently, which is to reduce thermal transfer. If you think it should still have many years left in its life span, a leak might have compromised its effectiveness.


Let Knox’s Construction ensure you have adequate attic ventilation. As a CertainTeed Master Shingle Applicator™, our advanced credentials tell you that we deliver excellent roof repair and replacement. We’re also properly licensed and insured.

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