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Fall is a Great Time for Roof and Gutter Maintenance

The summer heat fades and cooler temperatures roll right in.  This is probably the best time to do maintenance on. your roof and gutters.  Before you know it, winter will be here.  Inspecting and maintaining your roof has never been more important than before winter comes banging at your roof.

Inspect Your Roof:
Look your roof over for cracking shingles, broken tiles and any spots that appear to be week or. wavy.  If you are not sure what. you are looking for give Knox's Construction a call.  We'll send out a professional.

Trim Trees:

Trees shed leaves but also small branches and twigs that you may not have noticed. As winter rolls in with cold and winds, your roof will be affected. Limbs and branches can become  dislodged and land on your roof.  Future damage and accidents can be prevented by having any loose branches that hang above your roof trimmed away.

Clean Out Those Gutters:

When the teres begin to shed leaves, cleaning your gutters becomes very important.  Removal of any leaves, twigs, dirt and other debris that may have collected since your last cleaning is essential as well as being sure that all drainage areas are unblocked by debris and leaves.  Do not remove excessive debris with a hose as it may create clogs and affect your entire gutter system.