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Serving Allegheny and Washington Counties Since 2002

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Serving Allegheny and Washington Counties Since 2002
Family Owned and Operated
No Subcontracting Here

Pittsburgh Roofing Needs

Pittsburgh Roofers Need to Address the Special Needs of Our Area

People who live in Western Pennsylvania know that the climate and seasons of Pittsburgh are hard on their roofing. 


Your roof needs to accomodate for 4 distinct seasons.

Spring, summer, fall and winter changes are pretty dramatic here in the Western Pennsylvania.  Spring rainfall and spring storms damage your roof in a number of ways.  Summer heat, fall windstorms and winter blasts present a whole new roofing challenge.

Lost shingles, leakage can not always be prevented, but the right roofer not only selects the appropriate roofing materials but the workmanship when replacing or repairing a roof are equallity as important.  Even if you use the best roofing matieral, if it is not installed properly with come back to bite you later.


Unexpected Weather Situations.

If you live in Pittsburgh or any of the surrounding areas, you know that the seasons are pretty unpredictable. 

When you do experience damage to your roof due to weather, age or flying debris, it is a really good idea to take care of any roofing repairs when they happen.  If you don't replace lost shingles or damaged areas on your roof right away, you risk damage to the interior of your home as well. 

Knox's Construction has an emergecy service available for your convenience.  Our quality work comes with a 25 year workmanship guarantee. 


Does Pittsburgh require a permit to replace or repair your roof?

No... with a few exceptions.
If you are just replacing shingles or similiar materials to an average roof, you do not require a permit at all. 

But, if your roof has structural damage, you may need to have a permit.  Knox's Construction will let you know if any additional permits are necessary ro replce your roof. 

When you use Knox's Construction for your roof, siding or gutters, you can rest easy knowing that you are in good hands.