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The Benefits of Innovations in the Roofing Industry

Roofing contractors rely on data from the State of the Industry Report and Survey in considering which roofing trends they should improve on. This report is an estimated measure of the trends in the roofing industry for the coming years. Knox’s Construction, your expert roofing company, explains this in detail.

How They Gather Data

The State of the Industry Report and Survey is an annual survey conducted by Roofing Contractor using different input and advice from reliable roofers. Its main goal is to project the shift in various trends in the roofing industry. This includes sales in 2015 as well as approximate sales from 2016 to 2019. The report also reflects common concerns in the industry as a way to prepare for it in the following years.

Members of reputable groups such as Allied Building Products Group and GAF® along with commercial and residential roofers helped complete the survey. The information they contributed were enough to provide accurate estimates in roofing trends.

How This Helps Homeowners

This survey benefits both roofing contractors and homeowners. This helps you prepare for roofing services that you are planning to invest in. With a steady trend projected within the roofing industry, you can expect a wider access to top-notch materials and products such as GAF and CertainTeed.   

The onward growth in the industry means that you can expect a broader range of services from us. We can offer more advanced services for you. We will also continue to provide excellent quality installation by ensuring our team is up-to-date in all areas that concern roofing.

At Knox’s Construction, we make sure to incorporate the latest findings from these surveys to continuously improve our services for both roof repair and replacement. Our dedication to absolute customer satisfaction means that we undergo regular training to ensure our team is updated on the latest in installation practices.

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