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Serving Allegheny and Washington Counties Since 2002
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The Most Notable Advances in Asphalt Shingle Technology

A recent study shows that asphalt shingles cover nearly six out of 10 residential roofs in America, making them the industry’s most popular material. Homeowners love them because they offer the best balance of durability, beauty, maintenance and affordability – thanks to several advances throughout their 125-year history. Knox’s Construction shares the most notable asphalt shingle technology advancements:

Fiberglass Reinforcement

Old-fashioned shingles used cotton rag, paper and wood pulp as reinforcement materials. In the 1970s, however, fiberglass was found to be stronger and more fire-resistant than its predecessors. Leading brands like CertainTeed optimize the use of fiberglass to help asphalt shingles withstand detrimental elements better. In turn, they are able to reduce the need for major roof repair services over the long term and provide more value for customers’ money.

Dimensional Design

There was a time when asphalt shingles only had one format: a single layer with no cutouts. Modern products feature multiple cutouts with varying thicknesses to realistically emulate the look of slate and wood shakes. This is why asphalt shingles have become the economic alternative to traditional roofing options.

Reflective Granules

Asphalt roofing shingles these days come in specialized varieties to absorb solar heat significantly. Their “cooling” benefit may be more pronounced in warmer climates, but their utility in combating the urban heat island effect in colder regions is noteworthy.

Complementary Components

Innovations gave rise to other advanced parts and supplementary accessories, which improve the long-term performance of the roofing system. Leak barriers and attic vents, among others, play vital roles in protecting the roof and prolonging the service life of asphalt shingles.

Computerized Manufacturing Equipment

Any experienced roofing company would agree that computerized devices have been great contributors in boosting production efficiencies. As a result, manufacturers have been able to minimize material waste, which is good news for business and Nature.


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