Gutters & Downspouts Replacement

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We Install Seamless Gutters

Knox’s Construction proudly installs seamless aluminum gutter systems that are manufactured on-site to the exact specifications of your home. They won’t rust, and the continuous design prevents gutters from needing to be glued or caulked in the middle – a big advantage because seams are where gutters are most likely to fail.

As with nearly every other component of your home, gutters eventually wear out. Knox’s Construction offers professional gutter replacement

Installing replacement gutters ultimately protects your home from rot, basement leaks, foundation cracks and landscaping damage. While you may be able to make some repairs to your gutter system, eventually it will become necessary to invest in gutter replacement in Pittsburgh.

There is no definite lifespan assigned to a gutter system.
How long it lasts will be determined by a variety of factors, including how often gutters are inundated with rain, snow and ice; the local climate; and how well they’re maintained. Watch for these signs that gutters have reached the end of their life and should be replaced.

  • Holes. Water can leak through steel gutters that have rusted through, or at corner seams that have weakened and separated.
  • Cracks. When there’s significant cracking in gutters that allows water to drain onto the ground next to your home, replacement may be a better choice that attempting gutter repair in Pittsburgh.
  • Pulling away. Gutters channel an impressive amount of water and debris, and that weight can wear on them over time. Screws and clips that hold the gutter against the fascia may become loose, allowing gutters to sag downward and water to overflow from the edges.

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