Attic and Roof Ventilation

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One of the most common roofing problems typically stems from poor attic ventilation. It is vital for your roofing contractors to properly install the right attic ventilation to address two important factors involved in home comfort: heat and moisture.

What problems to you incur if your roof and attic are not properly ventilated?

Over time, the issues stemming from improper attic ventilation results in a damaged roof, higher utility bills and a potentially unhealthy living environment.

Shortened roof life

Excessive heat and moisture literally bake the underside of your roof, greatly shortening the life of underlayment and shingles. Cracked shingles and premature granule loss can be signs of improper roof ventilation.

Ice damming

When warm air rises to the roof deck of a poorly insulated attic in winter, it melts snow on the roof. The snow melt refreezes as it runs down to the cold lower portion of the roof, creating an icy barrier or “dam.” Subsequent snow melt then backs up behind the dam, resulting in leaks.

Mold and mildew

Unhealthy mold flourishes in humid environments, triggering respiratory and other health problems for occupants and potentially damaging items stored in the attic.

Damp insulation

When humidity levels are very high in an attic, condensation can form on the roof deck and drip down onto insulation. In the winter, you may even observe frost. Insulation that absorbs moisture can’t insulate as well.

Air conditioner replacement

With excess heat building in the attic, an air conditioner will struggle to keep the air inside the home cool. This heavy load can wear on the unit and run up cooling bills.

Decay of framing and decking

Continual moisture in an attic allows dry rot, which weakens the structural components of the roof and decreases roof value.

Quality Counts for Our Pittsburgh Roofers

A quality roof over your head is important to your comfort, safety and your home’s structural integrity. Knox’s Construction has been roofing homes and have a lot of experience. We know how important proper roof ventilation is and what to do to make sure your home has proper attic ventilation.

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