Roofing Snow Removal

License: PA018587

If you live in Pennsylvania, you have probably experienced large amounts of snow on your roof.
Knox’s Construction services Allegheny and Washington county communities with our snow removal service.  

Why remove that beautiful snow from your roof?

**Safety for your family and to prevent roof damage.

As pretty as falling snow looks in winter, the effects of an extreme load of snow on your roof after a heavy snowfall can be anything but pretty! Depending upon its moisture content, snow can weigh from a few pounds per cubic foot to as much as 30 pounds per cubic foot of heavy, wet snow.

Such extreme weight can be very damaging, and even lead to the collapse of weakened portions roofing or fall on a visitor, family member or pet.

A heavy snow load can also enable formation of ice dams on your roof, causing extensive leaks on a roof that is not properly insulated.

Prevent these problems by hiring Knox’s Construction for professional snow removal service.

The minor expense of hiring our roofers in your local area is a great investment when you consider the alternative of a collapsed roof.

Don’t Risk Harm to Yourself and Your Roof!

There are few home maintenance tasks as dangerous as trying to remove snow and ice from a roof. Knox’s Construction has special tools for safe, effective removal of snow. Many snow removal methods can damage roofing materials; we’ll ensure your roof is protected and your snow and ice headaches are taken care of. Whether it’s an emergency service call to remove ice from a leaky roof, or routine snow removal to stop ice damming, you can count on Knox’s expert team for any job, large or small.

Harsh winters can wreak havoc on your roof.

Let our Pittsburgh roofers handle snow removal, so you can stop worrying about snow and ice.

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