Key Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Gutters

When buying gutters, aesthetics are actually the least important factor you need to consider. They do need to look good and blend in with the rest of your home exterior, but their functionality matters more than their beauty.
To invest in a gutter system that would delay the need for roof or siding replacement, take note of the following:


Proper sizing is one of the most important factors. Your gutters and downspouts must be big enough to accommodate the amount of rain you normally get in your location. Otherwise, overflows may happen and defeat the purpose of having a gutter system in the first place.


To drain downpours efficiently, the slope of your gutters must be right. A steep slope is better because it improves the flow of water and helps wash away any debris. However, the extreme pitch may cause installation complications with the fascia boards. An overly steep slope also doesn’t exactly contribute to curb appeal.


Traditionally, gutters and downspouts come in sections sealed together around the edge of the roof. Sectional gutter systems are more prone to leakage and blockage. Seal failure allows the water to escape, while the ridges formed at the bottom can trap detritus.

To eliminate these concerns, any experienced roofing contractor would recommend a seamless gutter design. Tailored to your roof’s exact dimensions, seamless gutters are straight shots of unmarred metal that run the length of your home and stretch around corners. Unlike their sectional counterparts, they keep the chances of leakage and blockage significantly low.


All gutters and downspouts require some care, but an advanced product nearly eliminates maintenance. To ensure your gutter system can stay functional and beautiful without a lot of work on your part, invest in a seamless aluminum product with gutter protection. Furthermore, choose gutters covered with an enamel finish to say goodbye to periodic painting.

At Knox’s Construction, we know what it takes to provide long-lasting gutters. From repair to replacement, we do it all. Our products come with stellar warranty coverage.

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