The Evolution of Roofing: How Innovations are Reshaping the Industry

Roofing contractors are at the forefront of industry advancements, using insights from the “State of the Industry Report and Survey” to guide their progress. This pivotal report forecasts upcoming roofing trends, and Knox’s Construction, your trusted roofing experts, delves into its significance.

Unveiling Data Collection
Annually, the “State of the Industry Report and Survey,” facilitated by Roofing Contractor magazine, amalgamates insights from reliable roofers. This comprehensive endeavor aims to predict shifts in industry trends, and it also addresses prevailing concerns within the sector to proactively brace for upcoming challenges.
Esteemed contributors, including Allied Building Products Group, GAF®, and both commercial and residential roofers collaboratively shape the survey. Their substantial input allows for precise forecasts of roofing trends.

Aiding Homeowners
This survey extends its advantages to both homeowners and roofing contractors. Homeowners can strategically prepare for upcoming roofing projects armed with insights into prevailing and projected industry trends. A consistent trajectory within the roofing sector promises wider access to premium materials like GAF and CertainTeed.

As the industry grows, expect more services. Knox’s Construction is ready with advanced solutions, riding the industry’s upward wave. Our commitment to top-tier quality remains steadfast, with ongoing team training to ensure excellence in all facets of roofing.

Embracing the insights from these surveys, Knox’s Construction continually enhances services, from roof repairs to replacements. Our unwavering pursuit of customer contentment drives us to stay attuned to the latest installation practices through consistent training.

If you’re in need of roofing services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Our team of skilled professionals is ready to tackle any roofing project with expertise and dedication – call (724) 941-8219 today!

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