How Do You Select a Roofing Company? 

For most homeowners, this is a daunting and dreaded task. Roofing your home is not an everyday experience and. a lack of knowledge can easily lead to getting taken by a fly-by-night roofing company. Your roof is a very significant investment and you should not have to worry once the job is done. The extra effort that you put in before hiring a roofing company should give you some peace of mind.

Even the best quality roofing materials are only as good as the workmanship it took to install your new roof.

Questions to Ask Every Potential Roofing Company:
  • Are you and your crew licensed, insured, and bonded?
  • How long have you and your roofing company been in business?
  • Can you provide a minimum of three project references & examples from recent roofing jobs you have completed?
  • What are the materials that you use for roofing?
  • What kind of warranties do you get and are they on the product and installation?
  • Are all warranties transferrable?
  • How does your company protect my landscaping, property, family, and home during installation?
  • Does the manufacturer have good reviews from previous customers?

Beware of contractors who demand cash or full payment before they start. your roof. Verify their identity and qualifications. Look up online reviews and require references, cost estimates, schedules, and any other agreements. They should be able to give you everything in writing.

Good luck in your search for a qualified, professional roofing company. Don’t forget to give us a call at (724) 941-8219 or send us a quick message.  We will get back to you QUICKLY.

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