Is Your Roof Ready for Springtime? 

Spring in the Pittsburgh and Washington, PA areas in recent years have been riddled with storms and drenching rain.

Making sure your roof is ready for the Springtime before the rain, can save you a lot of money and costly surprises. Check around your roof or after the winter to make sure that it is ready for spring rains can prevent major water damages that ruin not only your roof but also the structure of your home.  Minor roof damage can turn into a major roofing problem very quickly during a thunderstorm or drenching rain.

Below are some roofing inspection tips for any Washington or Allegheny County homeowner:

  • Shingles and roofing materials:
    If you have access to see your roof in its entirety, check for missing, curled, or weathered shingles. Missing or worn shingles are going to be areas where water will pool or allow leaks into your home.  Any curled shingles can blow off easily and create a serious roofing problem. Other roofing, like metal, tiled roof, and metal roofing may show signs of wear or cracking. 
  • Check your gutters:
     It is always a good idea to check your gutters in the spring before the rains begin.  Check for rust spots and leaks, as well as clean them of any debris that may have been collected over the winter. Clogged gutters or downspouts may allow water to pool near the critical edge of your roofing and allow water to find its way into your home or collect harmful mold.
  • Roof Inspection
    Knox’s Construction can do a roof inspection for you.  Being absolutely sure that your roof is ready for spring and the upcoming year gives most homeowners real peace of mind. The winter may have done damage to some elements that you can not inspect yourself. Chimneys, flashing around skylights, and ventilation systems are only a few trouble spots on your roof that you may not be able to determine to have damage.

Need help getting your roof ready for springtime? Just call us at (724) 941-8219 or send us a quick message.  We will get back to you QUICKLY.

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