Winter is Back in Western Pennsylvania

Like it or not, we are in for another PA winter. Snow, harsh winds, and rough rains are on their way, and if we are lucky if the damage to your roof, property, and home will miss you or remain minimal.

Ice Dams and Icicles
Ice dams occur when the snow build-up on your roof melts during warmer hours of the day and then refreezes when the temperature drops again.  This sounds like an average day in Pennsylvania.

If you do not address the ice dams on your roof, they can get larger and can work their way under your shingles, causing all kinds of issues for your home.

You should address ice dams and icicles when they are a problem. If you can remove icicles on your home’s roof will help in minimizing ice dams. REMEMBER, icicles are heavy and dangerous.  Be sure to give yourself enough clearance so they do NOT fall on you.  Sometimes, you may find it necessary to get a roofing contractor to remove those ice dams.

Heavy Snow Can Present Roofing Problems
We have all experienced inches of snow on our roofs. Wet snow is very heavy and when it accumulates on your home’s roofing, it is dangerous to passersby and could even create a situation where you may fear roof collapse. If your roof has poor drainage or poor construction, the roofing problems can be worsened.

You can remove some snow yourself but to be on the safe side, you may want to find a local roofer that offers snow removal.

Strong Winds Damage Roofing
In Pennsylvania, we probably experience strong winds all year. While there is not much you can do about strong winds, it is important to check your roof   If you see shingles bent back or missing, call a roofing professional.

Branches and Tree Debris
Trees that are around your home become icy and snowy and fall on your roof or winter winds can break off tree limbs that land on your roof and cause damage.

Before winter gets any worse or if you notice limbs that could put your roof in danger, trim them back or get a local tree service to remove those potentially hazardous limbs nearby.

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