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Projects That Improve Your Home’s Protection

Your home faces extreme temperatures, strong winds and heavy rain every year. To ensure its constant protection from the elements, we recommend investing in several home improvement projects. If not, your home may be at risk of water damage, an extensive and costly issue. Knox’s Construction, the leading roofing contractor, shares the top upgrades that can protect your home from water damage.


Siding Upgrade

Your siding should always be in excellent shape, it is the largest part of your home’s exterior, after all. Take time to inspect your siding and note any signs of damage like cracks or holes. This presents a way for water to enter your home and wreak havoc. 

If you see any issues, turn to Knox’s Construction for timely siding replacement. We’ll offer you high-quality James Hardie® siding that can provide excellent protection, energy efficiency and beauty. This long-lasting investment is maintenance-free and available in a selection of colors and styles.

Roofing Repairs

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense from the elements, which is why you should give it the proper care and maintenance. Roof leaks, one of the main causes of water damage, can be imperceptible in their early stages, so it’s important to invest in regular roof inspection. Knox’s Construction can provide you with a thorough inspection, as well as the necessary solutions, whether that means a repair or a full replacement.

Gutter Investment

If your home doesn’t have a gutter system yet, now is the best time to invest in one. Gutters redirect the flow of water from your roof to a safe place on the ground. This way, instead of water running down your siding and damaging it, it travels through the system and away from your home. Gutters can easily clog, however, so make sure to establish an active maintenance routine.


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