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The Negative Effects of Snow and Ice on Your Roof

Of all the forms of inclement weather your home will experience, snow and ice rank among the most hazardous and devastating. This is further aggravated by the recent cold snaps across the country, which often necessitates immediate and extensive roof repair.

In this post, Knox’s Construction discusses how exactly snow and ice affect your roofing system.

Ice Dams

Arguably the most dangerous form of snow and ice damage, ice dams occur when there’s an imbalance of insulation in the roof. Because heat rises, it melts the snow on the higher portions of the roof, which turns into water that refreezes along the lower edge, which is of a lower temperature than the top. With the recent cold snaps, though, even properly insulated roofs are in danger.

In addition to its unsightly appearance, ice dams pose danger in the form of falling icicles when the weather starts to warm again. They also cause gutter blockages, which puts unnecessary weight on the roof and can damage it.

Heavy Snow and Hail

Piles of snow on the roof might look charming, but it’s added weight on the shingles. The danger here is when the shingles do crack and the snow subsequently melts. Leaks form, and due to the way the snow is packed, the water travels far into the actual roofing structure.

Hail, on the other hand, does immediate damage to your roof. Although it’s rare, when it does happen, the rocks of ice can batter and even break your shingles. These pellets are more of a danger when they melt, as they will cause severe moisture damage on the roof if left unattended.


As your trusted local roofing company, Knox’s Construction can help you address your roofing system’s snow and hail problems.


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